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Like hypa said..

Fri Jan 30 04:04:00 UTC+1100 2004


I have two minutes while I watch my builder generate some DB stuff for me. Sitting here around 4am, coding away.

Over the past few months I haven't been using my headphones, and I've been listening to my _entire_ music collection.

Tonight I've decided to limit the play list to Scooter only and I've got the beasty headphones on.

With 10 cups of coffee and LOUD Scooter music I feel like a living breathing coding machine! ;)

Debug.Assert(john != null);

while (john.CupsOfCoffeeInLastHour > 3
&& john.Environment.Music.Contains(Music.GetArtist(“Scooter“), Volume.MyEarsAreBleeding)) {





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