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It's backup night

Tue Jan 27 23:40:00 UTC+1100 2004


Think I might spend an hour or three on 'Administration' tonight.

I'm going to relabel all my tapes so that they have the same media name and I can just leave them in the drive for an automatic nightly backup of my file server.

I'm going to ghost my workstation (and if I'm feeling up to it my server too, be ready for some downtime! ;)

...and I'm going to dump my personal archive data to CD, I've gathered over 1GB of this stuff over the past year or so, and I've got a brand new CD filing cabinet that I haven't put to any use yet..

That should keep me busy for a few hours. Then I think I'll have a think about this event pattern stuff again, and see if I can get something decent happening for my application..


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