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2004-01-24 1907

Sat Jan 24 19:28:00 UTC+1100 2004


The last couple of days have been awesome.

On Friday morning, I finally got my framework to compile. It has been *broken* for a few weeks while some pretty serious re-factoring went on. I think every coder knows that nervous feeling that you get when you just can't compile and how good it feels when you finally can again.

Had a mate return from OS on Friday too. What started out as a last-minute plan to have a few quiet drinks with a couple of mates to welcome him back turned into a night on the town with a heap of us. Was a great night. I love my mates! ;)

My little brother got back from America this morning, haven't had a chance to catch up with him yet, but I'm sure he's had a great time. My other little brother will be back from his Air Force work soon, so I'll have to go and catch up with them. I'm stilll calling them my little brothers, even if they are both bigger than me these days!

I'm doing a scuba diving course soon with a few mates. Looking forward to that. If anyone's interested in coming along with us (we are doing a group booking) give me a yell and I can get you the details.

Looks like I'm going to sign up to play rugby again this year, which I'm looking forward to, but it seems everyone is bigger than me these days. Down from a top weight of 104kg to 72kg I just don't know where I'm going to fit in, having only ever played rugby in the front row. I'd still really love to hook, and I reckon that might still be an option, but I'll guess we'll have to wait and see. Pretty worried about my fitness -- I haven't done much excercise over the last few years, although there was that one time when I had to run 30 metres for the bus last year.. :P

Also, for a few hundred bucks a few of us are getting season tickets to the Waratahs games. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this year.

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