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SCUBA diving

Sun Jan 23 00:33:00 UTC+1100 2005


By the way.. did you know that pressure at sea level is 1 atmosphere.

At 10m below sea level the pressure is 2 atmospheres.

At 20m, it's 3, etc.

You are more buoyant in salt-water, because salt-water is more dense than fresh water.

Things float because they weigh less than the volume of water they displace.

The most important thing, i.e. the 'golden rule' when scuba diving is to never hold your breath, and always breath in a regular pattern.

Did you know that about 40m is the max depth you can get away with before you have to start doing decompression dives (to avoid having your innards messed up by expanding gas during ascent).

Don't travel in an aeroplane within 24 hours of diving, or even up the mountains. It's a pressure thing.

Your body takes quite some time to equalise with atmospheric pressure after diving. The amount of time you spend in the water is relevant, you can't stay too deep for too long.

I'm sure there's a billion things I'm forgetting.

Sounds like diving is going to be AWESOME!

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