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The Human Dynamics of IT Teams

Wed Jan 19 04:54:00 UTC+1100 2005


I read this article on The Human Dynamics of IT Teams, today.

It's conclusion is a little bit wishy-washy, but some of the data is interesting.

I'd say I have NT (Intuitive Thinker - preferring non-conformity, theory, conceptualisation, independence, objective complexity, and change for the sake of change if it produces learning) *and* SP (Sensing Perceiver - preferring hands-on action and experimentation, practical solutions, variety and change, immediacy, flexibility, and adaptation) attributes, which is interesting, because they're allegedly at opposite ends of the 'Perceiving Function' spectrum, and are cited as typically in conflict. Am I in conflict with myself?

I don't think I'd fit so well in the SJ (Sensing Judgers - preferring structure, order, accountability, reliance on existing systems, policies and procedures, and the proven way of doing things) or NF (Intuitive Feelers - preferring interpersonal support, relationships, possibilities for people, interaction, cooperation, imagination, and supportiveness) boxes, although I'm somewhat 'exacting' so I'm a little bit SJ, and I can 'behave' as an NF when there is call for someone like that in a group, although typically I don't like investing my energy as an NF because I feel like I could be put to better use (thus satisfaction drops).

Although I have trouble determining for myself what box I'd cast myself in, it's not surprising that I'd be in one of the two (NT or SP), because the IT industry is found to have a higher concentration of those two personality types than found in the general population.

If I had to pick only one, I'd probably say I was an NT.

Leave me alone.

I'm thinking.

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