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I don't read e-mail news anymore..

Mon Jan 19 05:47:00 UTC+1100 2004


It strikes me that I haven't been reading news letters that arrive to me via e-mail anymore. My reason? I'm afraid, I'm very, very afraid.

Well, maybe not _very_, but a little. I can't trust an e-mail that I receive these days not to include a HTTP trackback that reports that I read the e-mail to someone. Since I can't know until _after_ I open the e-mail, I just don't risk opening them. Perhaps it's not a big deal, but I consider it a massive invasion of my privacy and because it is so subversive and undisclosed I really object to it.

If it's likely that I want to see the content, I drop the e-mail from Outlook onto my desktop to make a copy avilable in the file system. Then I open it in a text editor and read it from there, with all the binary MS-Outlook serialization stuff around it.

Since it's too much effort I pretty much just ignore news that arrives in my inbox these days. I don't _really_ miss it, but then I don't really know what I'm missing do I? I used to enjoy a few of the publications that I am subscribed to, but since most of them are watching me, I've just given up reading them.

That is all.


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