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What's cool about DVDs..

Tue Dec 21 00:10:00 UTC+1100 2004


You know what's really cool about DVDs?

Being able to watch your favorite movies in a foreign language.

For example, have you ever watched Hackers in German? Because I have, and since I know every single line, I know what they are saying even though I don't understand them. But all the voices change, and you notice things that you have never noticed before. Little things, like stuff that's going on in the background, etc. And it's like 'hackers' and like 'germans', it just works.. :)

Also, watching anime in Japanese is awesome. It's cooler than watching it in English.

The special features are sometimes pretty cool too. For example, directors commentary, 'making of', etc. I think it's good.

Although having seen the making of The Matrix the movie lost something. Keanu should be slapped around for his cute little hand waving when he was fighting Morpheus. That just pisses me off.

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