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Dom King

Wed Dec 15 14:24:00 UTC+1100 2004


I've got seven minutes while I watch a blue bar.

Was just thinking of someone, so thought I'd have a crack at this.

I used to work as a chef.

I had lots of mentors.

I love them all in different ways. :)

If you know anything about chefs, you'll know there's no such thing as a chef without emotional problems or some other form of 'social defect' that pops up in some way. In that way, they're kind of like computer programmers, right..? :)

The only thing I could hold against Dom, would be that he's a Mormon, and a maniac. :)

He's probably the tamest chef I've ever met. He's one of those blokes who finds something to laugh about when he starts to get stressed. If there are types of people who boost morale, he's one of them.

He really is a top bloke. Really friendly. He *cares*, but he's careful to show it, unless he needs to.

He was a top gymnast when he was a kid. Used to do dancing in shows and stuff. He was on Young Talent Time, and a TV commercial ( which I saw when I stayed at his place before skirmish one night; it was really funny ).

Once while we were supposed to be chopping stuff up before service, we cleared all the tables out of the restaurant and he did a few back flips through the place. Heh. :)

He taught me a thing or two about how to make a white roux, and the secret ingredient for tomato pizza sauce.

He's also the guy who always arranged skirmish. (So some of you guys would know him).

He's married to Julina, got a kid, Zac.

He trains soldiers these days. Got out of the kitchen years ago. (Like me).

Anyway, I was thinking of him, because he's one of the blokes I think of when quoting movies.

Him and I used to go entire shifts as the chefs in our little kitchen, speaking in almost nothing but movie quotes.

That was great fun.

I remember having a conversation about religion with Dom on some idle week night. I remember his comment to me, accompanied by that twinkle in his eye that let me know he knew who he was, but wasn't going to force me anywhere:

“All I know mate, is that there're two great forces in this world; and you want to be as close to either one of them as you can get.”

Dom, *sob*, “I love you man.”


It's time to kick the tires, and light the fires, gentlemen!

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