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Fri Dec 10 17:40:00 UTC+1100 2004


I wonder if the universe is ever transiently self-aware via humans, or some other system smaller than itself?

I guess if that were possible, then regardless of it's scale, it would be algorithmically compressible. I wonder how 'lossy' you could be while still laying claim to 'awareness'.

I wonder if that could ever be useful enough to save it from entropy?

Do you reckon the universe might have an exploitable buffer overrun?

Random just means unpredictable, right? Not non-deterministic. You know the outcome once you have it.

If knowledge is possible, wouldn't that preclude randomness?

What do people mean when they say 'random'? What significance could they see in it?

Do you think computers and robots will outlive humans? If you had a budget for populating planets other than Earth, would you prefer to train humans, or develop machines?

If you calculated the 'resolution' of all of your senses, would you be able to compute an upper limit of the possible number of potential life experiences for any human assuming no human could live longer than 200 years?

It's interesting to consider your life as a temporary and seemingly cohesive system maintained over time by energy conversion.

Kind of makes you feel so insignificant, doesn't it..? ;)

What will the future bring?

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