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Fri Dec 10 15:50:00 UTC+1100 2004


There is a glass of poison which, if you drink it, will make you violently ill for twelve hours, after which time you will suffer no long term effects.

There is a lie detector that is completely accurate.

You are offered 37 million dollars to pass the following test.

At midnight you will be asked the question “Will you drink the poison later this morning?”

If you answer “Yes” and you are not lying then the money will be immediately transferred to a bank account you nominate.

Later in the morning you are not obliged to drink the poison, regardless of your intentions at midnight. That is, if you answer “Yes“ truthfully then you will be paid immediately and the test is over, you don't actually have to drink the poison.

The accurate lie detector will test your response. If you don't answer “Yes“ truthfully then you will not get the money.

Can you get the money?

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