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Fri Jan 16 10:13:00 UTC+1100 2004


This is my attempt at a disclaimer for my web log at

I'm not a lawyer, so I really don't know what I should say from a 'legal' perspective, but I am a person, so I hope I know what I should say from a 'moral' perspective.

The easiest way for me to manage content on this system is via the post interface, so this disclaimer will appear as a post, but I intend also to link it as a permanent link in the sidebar so that it is readily accessible to readers of my blog. The attributes of this post, such as the date posted and the categories that it may be filed in should not be taken to have any bearing on its relevance to the site as a whole.

I understand that the content on is publicly accessible. Regardless of the nature of its persistence and availability, everything on this site should be considered 'conversational'. Think of it as public in the sense that a conversation across the bar in a pub is public.

No material on this site (with the exception of this disclaimer) should be taken as advice, even the content that claims to be or appears to be advice! The reader should acknowledge that putting ideas and concepts in the form of assertions is a style of language that I often use to encourage thought or elicit reactions. A lot of content here is likely to be experimental, unfinished or poorly expressed and is definitely informal.

I can make no guarantee as to the accuracy of information available on this site.

Generally the information I post here is well-intentioned, but I can not hold myself out to be an expert in any given field or have all the answers on any given subject. Indeed, typically I intend to use this medium in an attempt to 'find answers' or to record for my own purposes and to the best of my ability (with respect to the time that I have available for the task) information that I have found or ideas that I am considering.

The reader should be aware that it is not uncommon for me to use language that is slang or forms of communication that could very well be considered crass, unsavory or otherwise insulting to various people. It is not my intention to insult anyone but I do feel justified in my use of any language that I see fit to aid in my expression. As a result various content on this site may not be suitable for minors, or other members of the community.

I welcome the reader to contribute to the content of this site by making comment on any material where a mechanism for doing so is available. I reserve the right to remove or alter this content at any time, but make no guarantees that I will do so. I do not guarantee that comments made by anyone that become part of the content of this site will be screened or censored for accuracy or any other form of suitability.

In regards to copyright and other intellectual property: it is not my intention to violate laws or inappropriately use any information that any other entity may have legal or moral claims to. The reader should understand that this is my personal site, and I do not hold any registered trademarks, any use of the “TM” characters or other expressions of claim to such intellectual property may well be facetious and intended to be taken in good humor.

If there is any content on this site that is considered offensive or against any law I would encourage any interested party to attempt to contact me so that I can address their concerns in good faith.

John Elliot.

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