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I'm trying Father!

Sun Nov 21 19:35:00 UTC+1100 2004


Well. Well. Well.

So, you guys can't see this yet. It's ~5:30 Monday morning.

*I* can get to my web server. But, um, well... you can't.

Sorry about that.


I'm trying to get that fixed, along with quite a few other things, and frankly, at this point in time my blog is very much in the “that silly thing I do” basket, while other stuff is very much in the “holy shit I need this to work in a few hours” basket.

When you finally do see my blog again, it won't even be hosted on this machine.

Anyway, apart from the fact that *you* can't get to my blog at the moment (owing to the fact that you can't get routed through 3 discerte firewalls to get there ;) *my* network kicks arse.


I can't wait to post some photos, or specs, or something...

I've got everything except a pink Mac.

Wait a minute... I have a pink Mac too!

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