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Mort Outlet.

Wed Nov 3 03:58:00 UTC+1100 2004


I got some email from an *anonymous* source today. I figure that repressed programmers everywhere need an outlet.

I figure if Rick is advising Mort, then I can expose Mort.

Welcome to your life as a programmer:

Mort: Right. That's it. I'm just not going to do any fucking work today! I've had enough of dumb fuck supervisors trying to cover up mistakes (which need urgent attention) because despite all the time and concentration I need to fix this mistake, I can't tell anyone it's urgent or that I need to be left alone, so I'm just going to keep getting interrupted with some wanker task. (Even worse is when it's a really wanker task and the person giving to me could just do it themselves, but oh no, I wanna assign work, helps my ego. Dumb fucks! Every fucking last one of them!

(p.s. Mort, I'll pick up the tab at the swear jar for this one. ;)


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