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New categories in my blog

Fri Jan 9 00:05:00 UTC+1100 2004


I just got this blog software, set it up, and went for it. All with very little regard for what I was actually doing. Anyway, it has a categories feature, where I can select categories related to a post. I have just been sort of adding them as I go, with not too much consideration (although a little) for how I'd use them.

Categorisation is a hard problem TM and in my view is best left to librarians. Personally I always try to avoid it like the plague. The cool thing about categories in my blog is that for any post I can choose more than one category for any given post, and the categories can then just act as a filter, so the same article can appear under different category views (which is a good thing).

Anyway, initially I added a HowTo section, because I was hoping to post useful, informative stuff on my blog. As I get used to the blogging thing, I realise that generally this won't be the case, and the other categories have left a little to be desired. Luckily for me I also added Misc (it's bad, I know) so I've just been chucking things in there that defied categorisation. I thought 'Rants' and 'Ponderings' were good too, it's a shame that at present when you view an entry you don't see what categories it belongs to (so you have fore-warning that I'm on a rant). I should probably do something about fixing that, but I don't see it happening any time soon..

I just added, 'Programming' and 'Books' categories, because I just realised that they have been grossly lacking. Was tempted to add a 'Philosophy' category, but I don't need any encouragement, so anything like that will fit in either Rants or Ponderings.. anyway, it's nice to finally have a Programming category, don't know why I didn't put this in sooner..


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