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The Dentons

Thu Jan 8 23:49:00 UTC+1100 2004


I've been reading Burning Spear by Kit Denton recently and I wanted to find out more about this guy - I remember vaguely hearing something about a plagiarism kefuffel (no idea how to spell that word so I've just gone phonetically, sorry. If you know, tell me) but have no idea of the details, and don't know much about him except that he used to live just up the road from me, and that his son is a famous Aussie comedian (who went to my school, which as you know, pretty much makes me famous too).

I didn't find anything interesting about Kit Denton in my brief search, but stumbled across this interview with Andrew Denton that I enjoyed reading.

I particularly liked the ANZA story, you can see where Andrew got his sense of irony.

I tried to find a link for the Burning Spear book, but neither Amazon or Dymocks seemed to be able to find it.. according to this brief note the book is quite old. The copy that I have says it was first published in 1990..? Nevertheless, it has some cool short stories..

What is Andrew Denton doing these days? I always liked this guy, to me it seemed that he lost his spark and became bitter - probably because he realised that the world is a cruel and twisted place, and didn't feel like the truth was funny anymore. Remember, society is to blame!


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