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Mark Baker vs. Don Box. Round One.

Thu Oct 14 17:18:00 UTC+1100 2004


Oh, you go girl! :D

I wish all programmers realised that programming is all about managing complexity. (The complexity inherent in 'doing stuff with things and lists of things').

The only effective way to manage complexity is through constraint.

That's why I spend my time complaining about things that try to do too much. Can we say: IDisposable. You need constraints on things if you want them to be useful.

Unfortunately MS spends their time trying to 'do what the customer wants' (so they would have you believe) and when the customers are the 'mindless VB legions ;)' who just want to be able to 'stick a print button here' the results can be less than pleasing.


I'm continually shocked and amazed at how poor a grasp so many heavy hitters seem to have on this. I'm convinced they must be running a corporate agenda of designed obsolescence, because they keep making the same mistakes disguising them by a change in appearances (but not in substance).

Here's a few tips:

You'll have to deal with the following at various levels of granularity:

Have fun!

On the attitude of Microsoft People (TM): I couldn't believe Chris Sells's comment the other day. Um, so, paraphrasing: “We're innovating! We're leading! BTW: thanks for continually giving us your ideas, and wasting your time listening to us; please keep it up. No we're not sharing with you. Bitch.“ Yeah.. nice one.

A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked.
-- John Gall

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