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Helping Mum learn how email works.. :)

Sun Oct 10 02:36:00 UTC+1100 2004


A few months ago I set up a mail account for my Mum on our mail server.

Then I set up a mail client on a computer at her house. She did the email thing for a while, but then she got a new computer, and I talked her through how to set it up, but she had a problem connecting for a month or so, and was email free.

A few weeks ago she nagged me (quietly ;) to fix it again, and so we went over the settings again and found the problem (it was a typo in the mail server address. grrr).

Anyhow, now Mum's emailing again.

I think she's got it pretty much figured out. When I popped in yesterday afternoon (so she could give me food! :) while I was up the mountains to vote, she forwarded me some of the mail she's been getting from Aunty Trish.

All evidence indicates that she knows what email is for! I look forward to having yet another source for pictures of drunk pumpkins.. :)


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