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Jason Mraz - The Remedy

Thu Sep 30 00:52:00 UTC+1000 2004


I bought this guy's single a while ago, because I thought it was cool.

Unfortunately, he put this other song “Tonight, Not Again” on the single CD and after hearing that song I just can't help but picture him as a snobby, wannabe, trendy, artsy, ballbag.

It's not really anything more than his voice, and tone. But it really pisses me off.

Now when I listen to The Remedy, which I initially thought was a really cool song, when he says stuff like “I gots ta,” and when he hits those high notes, I just think “oh, you wanker.”

It's like watching someone 'over act'. They want so desperately to do it right, that they try too hard, and their desperation shines through.

He ruined his perfectly good song, by releasing another one!

The trick to performing is convincing others that you aren't.


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