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Fuck you, and you, and you!

Wed Sep 29 04:12:00 UTC+1000 2004


Firstly: 100% of people die!

The next fucker that tells me I'm going to die from smoking, is liable for a fucking smack in the head.

To start with less smokers die from smoking than do. See here, or go research it for yourself. You'll get figures that range from about 20% to 50% chance of dying from a smoking related illness. Assuming you can attribute the illness specifically to smoking. I.e. did that guy die of a heart attack because he was a smoker, or because he was a fat cunt?

Also try to keep in mind, small as yours may be, that people who don't smoke, STILL DIE. Statistically they might live longer, but so what? Old people are a financial burden on society ( as much as we love them ) and they still end up dying. What do they die of if not heart attack and cancer?

Further, you FUCKING LOW LIFE BOTTOM FEEDERS, who constantly try to guilt trip smokers into feeling bad about the fact that we smoke, and who are simultaneously riding us for tax dollars, have created a MONOPOLY for tobacco companies. You are ripping me off, and leaving me with seriously declining quality in tobacco products. Products for example that are made with carcinogens in the fucking FILTER (such as Titanium dioxide) and that are packaged with SALTPETER and other chemicals to make sure the things burn up quickly.

I don't feel at all guilty about smoking.

I feel extremely fucking angry about the anti-smoking MEME in moronic intellectual light-weight's heads.

I'm fucking disgusted.

And by the way, get that smug look off your face before I rearrange it for you.

I'm sick of having you smug arseholes constantly DECREEING how it is that I will die. You're uninformed to start with, but on top of that, I seriously object to the bombardment of negative reinforcement. Why make me believe I'm going to die from smoking, when there's AT LEAST an equally good chance that I won't? I don't go around prophesying your doom.

I hate you arseholes every time I open a pack of cigarettes and my subconscious reads the fucking “SMOKING KILLS” warning.

How would you like it if every time you got in your car you were forced to look at a fucking “DRIVING KILLS” message in bold on your steering wheel. Driving does kill, you know, so maybe you should stop doing that. What about eating? You want an “EATING KILLS“ sticker on all your food?

I'm quite sure that if I didn't have smokes to comfort me, I would have died of SUICIDE by now anyway. We all seem to have a pretty fucking good chance of that.


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