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Multiple Monitors

Tue Sep 28 19:53:00 UTC+1000 2004


These days I can't understand how you could even use a computer if you didn't have at least three monitors.

Forget RAM, forget CPU, forget DISK, in fact, unless you have at least 3 monitors you needn't concern yourself with any other aspect of your computer.

Also, that 'task bar' with the 'start menu', the only place to keep that is on your left monitor, docked to the left of the screen. It should be at least 5 to 7 cm wide, so that you can see a complete list of all the apps that you've got open, even when you have 50 apps open.

Don't keep icons for starting applications on your desktop. Your desktop is for storing docs that you are currently working on, or shortcuts to those docs. You should launch all apps from 'Quick Launch' icons. Create a few extra tool bars, with things like “Office Tools”, “Development Tools”, “System Configuration” etc.

You should enable active desktop, and use it to store reference material. Things that you're trying to learn, or that you're often looking up. Keep some pictures of your family there too!

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