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I can't tell you how pissed off I am about this.

Mon Sep 27 16:40:00 UTC+1000 2004


OK. Ages ago (weeks, of course) now MS announced its GDI vulnerability.

I checked it out. I went to their web site, spent half an hour reading what to do.

I patched Windows. I patched Office.

I rebooted a billion times.

I spent 3 hours I didn't have trying to update my few computers.

In the end I got some sort of green light from something, I can't remember the details. I was satisfied that everything was OK.

I moved on with life.

Tonight I came across an article that mentioned the whole mess again.

I had a quick read, and noticed the tool it referred me to.

Downloaded it. Ran it. Scanned C:

Scanning Drive C:...

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink\gdiplus.dll

Version: 5.1.3097.0 <-- Vulnerable version



Version: 5.1.3097.0 <-- Vulnerable version

Scan Complete.

What the fuck!?

I am so pissed off about this.

Now I have to go and waste another few hours.


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