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Thunderbirds are go!

Mon Sep 27 08:39:00 UTC+1000 2004


For the first time in years, and years, I can actually read my email!!

Thunderbird happily converts all messages to plain text.

For years, with Outlook, I've had the preview pane off, and *never*, *ever*, *ever*, opened an email that I didn't trust. If I needed to know what it said, I'd copy it to the desktop and read it in editplus.

Thunderbird's spam filter hasn't been as good as SpamBayes (maybe it's just training..) so far, and there have been a few junk messages landing in my inbox.

I was jumpy while managing them, having trained myself to treat email (with HTTP tracking, scripts, etc.) with the same respect someone might treat deadly poison.

It's hard to tell you how pleased I am to be able to see my email.

There are still a few UI things that either aren't there, or that I haven't figured out yet.. so I do still miss some Outlook features, but I'm never going to go back. I'm a Thunderbird convert.


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