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Sat Sep 25 17:46:00 UTC+1000 2004


You know what..?

I just realised something, and I'm going to come clean with it.

I hadn't realised until now how much this constantly bothers me.

I fucking hate people who complain about noise. They really piss me off.

Be it noise in forums, or audible noise.

All this has made me realise how needlessly guilty I always feel for talking, or listening.

For me, other people's noise is the most insignificant frustration. I have absolutely no trouble tolerating it at all. I just ignore it.

I think it's the people who complain about noise who are the selfish fuckers, not the people who make noise.

Unfortunately, it seems to be almost everyone I know who are the whining bitches.

There's always some arsehole complaining about noise and trying to make me feel guilty.

Seriously. Go fuck yourself.

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