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I've always wanted to see the Coriolis Effect (or lack thereof) at the Equator

Mon Sep 13 01:46:00 UTC+1000 2004


Just got some news from Dicky. I love hearing from him, and feel completely ripped off that he's there, while I'm, well, here.

Anyway, we would have learned about the Coriolis Effect in high-school together, probably in the same class, and now he's seen it on the Equator.

Both ways you say? Fascinating. :)


p.s. I distinctly remember my teachers telling me it went “straight down“.


well i´m actually trying to do a bit of work for uni at the moment, so thought it´d be a good time to procrastinate with all the exciting news of the week(s).

have now reached Ecuador - was starting to think that spending two months without changing country was just getting a bit too much! well, not really, but the weather in the mountains was starting to get a bit consistently worse, so i headed for the beach, (and now i´m back in the mountains).

so, i went up a couple more peaks in the cordillera blanca, soloed a nice one, then went up to a big 6000er with a couple of other guys...had some interesting experiences trying to climb a fixed ladder, then stumbled our way up the rest of it in a whiteout. that was a really good idea, because when we got down that night, we realised that our eyes, were well, kind of painful, and the next several days we had some nice funny blurry vision...hmmm...

so maybe that helped me decide to leave peru...spent some time at the beach, and at some old ruins. and now i´m in a different hemisphere...actually had the exciting experience today of standing right on the equator...and watched the water swirl one way to the left, and swirl the other on the right...absolutely fascinating...

there´s not much else interesting, so that´s about it. planning on doing a bit of volunteer work for the next month or so i think. then it will probably be adiós to south america! (dependent on sudden changes of plans that are likely to happen every 2weeks.. :)

anyhow, hope everyone is well!


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