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Rossini - William Tell Overture

Mon Sep 6 16:04:00 UTC+1000 2004


Others might know it as “the music they play the Pizza Hut add to”. If you're from NSW, that means:

9481 1111

Fucking disgusting. Another cultural artifact infected by a shallow branding agenda. I'll never enjoy that piece of music in my life.

The one that's *really* pissing me off these days is the Qantas Wallabies.

I went to see the Qantas Wallabies play (and whoop! woot! :) the New Zealand All Blacks recently.

The Qantas what? Fuck you Qantas. I'm disgusted that they'd pay lip service to national pride on the one hand, and then claim our rugby team on the other hand.

It's the Australian Wallabies, and Qantas have done themselves a disservice by trying to name them otherwise.


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