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Pentagon Strike

Mon Sep 6 07:47:00 UTC+1000 2004


If you want to know who caused something to happen, or you want to determine why something happened, usually you only need to look as far as who stands to benefit through the implications of the event.

I think it's funny that people watch the news and think they are receiving facts.

Anyway, check out this skeptical look at the strike on the pentagon.

Given the number of conspiracies that people are personally a part of every day, I'm surprised they laugh off 'conspiracy theories'. You have secrets. You think others don't? You're clever, devious and deceptive. You think others aren't?

I'm glad I'm a prole. That makes me insignificant, and mostly safe.

'Safe' means that I perceive my physical reality as likely to unfold in such a way that it remains possible for me to continue breathing for years to come.

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