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U2 - Beautiful Day

Mon Sep 6 06:22:00 UTC+1000 2004


Presently playing, perhaps as an ironic counterpoint to my actual day. A nice song though.

Today, I helped move the earthly possessions of a family member into my garage, for storage. I carried the box labeled “Emily's Personal Belongings” in. I guess it's no big deal. But it kind of felt like it, in my mind. 50 years worth of people's lives, in boxes, in my garage.



Rocky: I'll just have a smoke mate, be up in a minute.
John: Nah, that's OK. You can smoke up here.
Rocky: Are you sure?
John: Sure. No problems. I smoke up there all the time. I smoke those too [referring to packet of Dunhill Red in hand].
Rocky: But I'm not smoking these. If you know what I mean.
John: Oh, you're smoking 'those'..?
Rocky: Yeah, see. It's probably better if I stay down here.
John: Haha. OK mate. See you up there soon.

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