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By Chance

Sun Sep 5 14:30:00 UTC+1000 2004


"This information was not easily come by, and I am going to have to charge two Gems for it.  Now you know why this tavern is REALLY here."

Pay Chance two Gems for the info? [Pay 'Em] : Y

"Alright.  Come with me."

Chance leads you to a small room in back of the tavern, and you take a comfortable seat.

"Well...Here is everthing I know about Sir Frigsalot."

"Fights with a Wans' Weapon and has a total Strength of 598."
"Wears a Golden Armour and has a total Defense of 878."

"Sir Frigsalot has a very fair countenance."

"Total worth in gold is 165535333."

"Last time we checked, he had 1 Gems."

"Sir Frigsalot has no offspring."

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