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Method - Rythmethod

Fri Dec 5 01:57:00 UTC+1100 2003


I spring from the Blue Mountains, in NSW Australia. Being a good mountains boy, having spent the greatest part of my adolecense hanging out in Leura and Katoomba then Lapstone, Glenbrook, Blaxland and Springwood, when I was in high-school I ended up at a local gig, where someone had arranged a whole heap of local bands. It was on at a community hall in Springwood, and one of the bands was the “Method”.

I had heard their music heaps, because my chef mates had their album, and I'd heard it many times hanging out on the weekends at their places in Leura, Katoomba and Blackheath. At this gig (which was a massive flop in regards to turn out, because it was really badly promoted) I managed to pick up the Methods 'Rythmethod' album. I love this album, it is one of the best in my collection, every song seriously wins. I have played it at home for my freinds heaps, and everyone loves it. Unfortunately, no-one knows about it, so I feel it is my duty to tell the world. I just did a search for 'rythmethod method' at google, and there was only one result in the whole world! This is poor form, everyone should be loving these guys, they are authentic damn it! Anyway, fortunately they have a website, so you can go there and get a few of their tracks in MP3 and order their album.

It's great stuff - GET ON IT!


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