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Thu Sep 2 17:15:00 UTC+1000 2004


This is terrific!

For those who don't know (shame on you!) Banjo Patterson is a famous (probably the most famous, sorry Dorothea) Australian poet, and he wrote a famous (probably the most famous) poem called The Man From Snowy River.

Below is a parody about the threes recent victory.

Well done Ithci San! :)



By Cowboy with apologies to Banjo Patterson

There was movement at the HQ, for the word had passed around
That the mighty Thirsty Thirds had made the four
And had joined the likes of Lindfield, Knox and distant Campbelltown
Who they'd face thanks to the make up of the draw
The Shammies fans were roused, from the suburbs near and far
To Daceyville they came to see the fight
For the Shammies boys love finals time, no matter where they are
And all anticipate the battle with delight.

There was Macca, he's the captain, and a veteran of the field
Hugh and Itchy joined him in the row
Soap and Irish packed behind them, men who never yield
The tight 5 all looked hungry for a go
Now Timmy of Temora locked the scrum at number 8
Though Gregory is his christened name
And Lucas and young Jimmy Brown, to the side were bound
They put far bigger men to shame

Dougy was there, a half-back, an afro-sporting beast
And the Dunstar with his kicking boot on song
Kinross boys were in the centres - sterling players at the least
A school from which your young ones can't go wrong
Moisty stood at fullback where above them he does fly
When the ball is kicked above his kiwi head
Eamon's a survivor, a hirsute man who loves a try
While Jase can leave a tackler for dead

And on the bench stood many who would give their all this day
Watched over by a veteran of the show
Robbo knows of finals, and when they slip away
He asked no more than they have a go.
So the whistle blew and from the crowd a mighty cheer went up
The Shammies great campaign was underway
"I'll warrant it's a close one, this battle for the cup"
Said Hodgie after we decided to let him stay

Now the story of the game you've heard today, by George
El Presidente beat me to it in a rush
The boys roared like the mighty Snowy as it tumbles down a gorge
And ran ahead like brumbies through the bush
22-6 was the scoreline, and Dowlo bagged two meat pies
While Jimmy pulled up lame towards the end
A resounding victory for the lads they call the Shammies
And a win against Knox around the bend.

So Shammies young and old, heed my story, heed it well
For the threes need your help to win the cup
They'll be backing up again, in the place where the Quinnies fell
Against Knox who come in 2 nil up
But the boys have something special that Knox just don't possess
And it's not the way they play, warm up or train
A heart as big as Phar Lap, beats a tattoo beneath each chest
Pumping Maroon and Blue throughout their veins.

Copyright © 2003-2005 John Elliot