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Answering the phone. Part 2.

Tue Aug 31 08:05:00 UTC+1000 2004


You know, I really like answering the phone with the phrase “John Elliot speaking”.

My ex-girlfriend (I hate that term so much) used to call me “Technology John”, because when she rang me at work I used to answer the phone “Technology. John speaking”. It was short for “You have reached the Technology department. This is John speaking”, but when you have to say it a billion times a day, because one analyst or another can't figure out how to get data out of the XYZ system, etc. then you kind of start to abbreviate.

I don't like telling spammers my name though. Not that I really care, just I like inventing 'principles' and then sticking stubbornly by them. So, for no particularly grand reason, I JUST DON'T LIKE THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING.

Perhaps I'll start answering the phone “Operator”. Like in the matrix.


I'll have to think more about this when my thought patterns are cohesive.

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