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Fri Aug 13 23:51:00 UTC+1000 2004


Something very weird happened tonight.

First, I watched Mulholland Drive.

I've never seen it before.

In the middle, I was interuptted by Itchi, he needed to use the phone.

The movie ended.

I went to the bathroom.

I was thinking (as I have been for many months now) about class systems, and 'the meaning of life'.

I was trying to understand Mulholland Drive (I don't know anything about it).

I decided that the baby boomers (those god damn two faced tree hugging hippies!) were the generation that now controled the western world, and were to blame for the present state of 'the collective consious'.

Somehow I remembered that "idle hands are the devil's workshop".

I decided that our society engages in 'busy work' that we take *very seriously* because if people aren't so engaged, then they'll pick something to engage themselves with, which might tend to cause social instability.

Then I looked at myself in the mirror.

That was weird.

I came back to my computer, and went to mamma to find out what the fuck was up with Mulholland Drive.

But I typed it wrong.

Then the movie started playing again, and I watched the opening credits.

Then the search results came back. Only two results.

Then I moved my chair, and I must have bumped something, because the movie stopped playing, and my CD came on.

I sat, for a little while. In confused awe while the music played. Wondering if perhaps I was losing my mind.

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Then I followed the first link.

Then I read this:

"In the modern world, the availability, indeed ubiquity, of entertainment is the most potent cause of boredom. It causes boredom because the world cannot ever be as fast-moving or dramatic as audiovisual entertainment, and for most of the time interest has to be extracted from the world rather than merely absorbed from it passively. Hence the more people with vacant minds seek distraction by entertainment, the more bored they grow; and bored people create chaos in their lives because intense misery is preferable to ennui. I have long thought that much social pathology is an attempt to evade boredom by the propagation of violent crises; and, since television causes boredom, it thereby causes social pathology."

I started writing this, and then Four To The Floor started playing.

I don't feel like talking anymore right now.

No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

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