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Wed Aug 11 23:09:00 UTC+1000 2004


I don't know anything about these guys. I have one of their tracks on a Chillout Sessions mix.

However, I was having a look at some of their lyrics earlier, and I think I have to add their Silence Is Easy and Love Is Here albums to my wish list. Especially if their other songs are like the Thin White Duke mix of Four To The Floor which sounds awesome.

Speaking of albums and CDs, I'm furious (again).

CDs are the biggest rip off.

On the one hand, if you copy a CD (even one that you purchased yourself for the sake of a backup) or rip the music then you're allegedly a *criminal*.

On the other hand, I personally have purchased many of the CDs that I own two, or even three, times over my life. After a year or two they *always* deteriorate. I have scratches on the CD right in the middle of some of my favorite songs. It's a fucking wrought. The nicest thing that you could say about the music industry would be that they are bullies (and that would be being nice indeed).

The world remains a petty place.


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