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Opera House 'No War' graffiti

Fri Aug 6 02:57:00 UTC+1000 2004


When those guys got busted for graffiti-ing (how do you 'ing-ify' a word that ends in 'i'? (and how do you 'ify' a word that ends in 'ing'?)) the Opera House, the authorities should have just sent them back up there and made *them* clean it off.

If we had have made them do that, we wouldn't have wasted any money, and it would have been a good punishment, where no-one really lost anything.

They would have got to make their point (which they should be entitled to make) and they wouldn't have substantially hurt anyone (or their wallets).

Besides, it would have shown that Aussies have a good sense of humor, and a humane sense of justice.

Of course we don't though, any suggestion that we did would just be a lie.

I guess that's why we didn't just make them clean it up.

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