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The Matrix

Thu Aug 5 11:26:00 UTC+1000 2004


I've had the matrix on repeat in the background for a few days now.

I've just decided that I want the sound track.

That music when “Morpheus is fighting Neo!” kicks arse. I have most of the other tracks, the Marylin Manson, Rage Against The Machine, and the Rob Zombie stuff, but I want all of it on one CD.

I'm going to drive up to the shops and buy the CD right now.

Then, I'm going to program for 10 hours straight, because I am a machine.

Wake up!


p.s. I think it's cool that Neo is a programmer from Sydney who has a problem with authority, who hardly ever sleeps and night after night sits at his computer.. ;)

Update: Doh. Cancel that. (I'm drinking beer tonight, thus the 10 hours straight won't be happening today. Alas.)

Update 2: I'm still getting the CD though. In fact, I'm leaving right now.

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