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Sports.. (and war)

Tue Jul 27 04:21:00 UTC+1000 2004


I wonder if the purpose of sport is to emulate war..

I'm pretty sure that humans are waring creatures.

We like war.

We say we don't, but we do.

Without war, life is boring, and seems to have no purpose.

In war, survival is your purpose, and life itself becomes a challenge at last.

In war, you're allowed to kill the people you don't like.

In war, you can just take things if you want them.

Through war, you truly understand pain, and loss, and love.

I wish that humans had a worthy 'non human' adversary.

I wish we were having an intergalactic war with aliens that wanted to destroy us.

All humans could unite to fight against a dangerous enemy that we had no more emotional attachment to than ants. It would drive significant progress in space technologies too, and probably cause us (as a species) to get our arse off this rock.

That said, rugby is good too. :)


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