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Wed Jul 21 17:34:00 UTC+1000 2004



I just ordered pizza for dinner from Pizza Hut.

I *hate* ordering food from them.

I only did it, because I don't have any cash on me, and I don't like stuffing around with a credit card with the local dudes.

First, you get this fucking patronising, pathetic voice system, with a recorded message pretending to be your friend, that is backed by lame voice recognition software (that would be more reliable and piss me off less if it used DTMF).

Then you get some fucking operator, who is noticeably *put out* when they speak to you.

The operator I had tonight fucked up twice. She repeated her *script* at the *wrong point of the conversation* on two occasions.

To start with, she repeated the delivery time and address to me twice in rapid succession at the start, because she was confused.

The after I'd given her my credit card details, she repeated the same 'script' telling me the delivery time and asking if I was going to pay cash.

She was pissed off (in the silent, snotty, “I don't have a script for this and my supervisor is monitoring my efficiency” kind of way) when I had to ask her to wait a moment, because I forgot to have my credit card ready before placing the call.

Pizza Hut is lucky I'm lazy.

All bitching aside, the last few times I've ordered from them, the food has been OK. I'd had a pretty bad run there for a while. Basically, the trick is to only order pizza with preserved meats, olives, onions, pizza sauce and cheese. Their vegetables have a tendency to be rank. Tomatoes particularly, but the mushrooms and capsicums can be a risk too...


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