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Sun Jul 18 18:07:00 UTC+1000 2004


Me and Itchi San went and and saw Spiderman 2 this afternoon. It was good fun.

I learned some new Japanese, let's see if I can remember:

Watashi tachi wa / Boku tachi wa == Us

Kore wa Nihongo de nanto iki mas ka? == what do you call this in Japanese. (I think I got the 'nato' bit wrong, I'll have to ask again.. :P)

Prawn == ebi

Egg = tamago (I might have that wrong)

I learned some other things too.

Like, say Masu when there is more, but say Desu for a statement, or for a truth.

I think Isa was seat.

Smokes are Tobako, the verb smoke is.. doh, I forget, but the translation is 'suck'.

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