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Sun Jul 18 02:09:00 UTC+1000 2004


I figure I might as well debrief on this evenings events.

Turns out, driving is like riding a bicycle. I loved it.

It remains true, that my knowledge of local geography is hopeless, however, my ability to read a map is unquestionable.

My eye's are really starting to play up, I'm having trouble focusing on people when they speak to me, and on signs, etc. I can see them clearly, but my eyes need time to adjust.

I spent a grand total of $20 for the night. That includes the vindalu that I had for dinner on the way there (when I took that wrong turn at albaquoqie..) and a chocolate bar from a service station during a 'read the map' stop (which were a hassle, because it was dark and there was no light in the car).

My car doors don't lock, so every time I left the car I wondered if it was still going to be there when I returned. The saving grace perhaps being the wheel lock, but more likely the fact that it's such an old bomb no-one would even look sideways at it.. :)

Steve's birthday was cool. It was a shame I had to head off early. There was a great bunch of people there, and although no-one knew each other at the start, we all got along really well, and were mates by the end.

Compare $180 to $20. Compare acting like a wanker to being amiable. etc. etc.

I really am going to drink less from now on.

Alcohol is bad for me.


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