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Blah, di, blah

Sat Jul 17 11:11:00 UTC+1000 2004


I figure I might as well just vent on my blog for a while.

I'm still kind of spaced out.

When you drink red bull and vodka all night, you're never really 'hung over'. You are, but it's different. It's like being still drunk. Things come back to you slowly, it takes a while for you to notice things and become aware of your environment again.

For example, it takes you an hour to realise you don't know where your pants are, then an hour to realise that you need to go to the bathroom, then another hour to realise you have a headache, etc.

My parents stopped by this morning. It was funny seeing them. They have so much energy. They dropped off a car. My Mum gave me $100 because I spent all my money last night. (that's actually what I want to talk about). Thanks Mum!

Yeah, so, apart from needing to kill a bit of time for a while, I thought I'd just bitch.

I'm actually really pissed off that I spent $180 last night.

I have never been able to exercise restraint in spending when I'm out.

I really don't like doing it.

When I was 15 and 16 I used to go to the local pub with my mates in the afternoon. They used to sneak me in, and since we were all in hospitality (chefs) we knew the bar staff (the guys were rooting the barmaids) so I rarely got bothered by anyone, and the bouncer was friendly, so even though I was way underage, I didn't have many problems. Besides, I'm a hairy bastard, and people have always thought I'm older than I am.

I used to like drinking jugs of beer and talking shit in the sun on some idle weekday afternoon. That was awesome. I really felt free, and full of life.

bah. I'm not going to keep going on. I was going to say that I don't like going out and drinking. But that's not really true. I love spending time with my mates.

I miss house parties.

I don't know why everyone goes to the pub. It's shit at the pub these days. It is for me any way. I can't remember the last time I had a truly awesome time at the pub (actually, catching up with The Crew recently was cool). I guess you have to go there on the off chance that you'll bump into the love of your life after you spew in the gutter on the way home..

I really don't like spending $180 and having nothing to show for it though.

There are so many things that I could buy for that much money, that I'd much rather have.

Over the past few weeks (prior to last night) I haven't been out at all. I managed to save heaps of money. It was nice to have money for a change.

I really much prefer hanging out coding (with Shaz (hurry up and get back Shaz!)) on the weekend than going to the pub.


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