(2003 to 2005)

It happens here in this house.

Sat Jul 17 03:01:00 UTC+1000 2004


[I bet this is fun....]


Reach out touch faith.

Your onw personal jusus.

Someone to be your friend.

Yoru own personal jesus.

Someonw to be your frigend somewone whos tere

Felling alone ou honr

Feeling Youlll make be a veleive

Pur me to the wtteslkj

I wa sa live t you know I

Reach out roch faith.

Reach out rouach grait

Your own personla Jesus

smeont e t be your friadn soem'one

Toue own personal jesus

someong t be yoru fireand

someoen who'st tere

Even you own toue honr you own fleach and pbloa pby t ehtelepn ep whay  don't yo liave nknown ofor

Reach out tohg y

youe own persnl

Reac our toch frailth


Reach out toech faith.


I'm soooo messed up.

This i fun.

Reach out toch faith.

I'm going to get in trouble fo rhti aren't i.....





Reach out toch faith...


eaich out toach faith...





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