(2003 to 2005)

Chemical Brothers - The Golden Path

Sat Jul 10 18:09:00 UTC+1000 2004


As I walked along
the supposed golden path,
I was confronted
by a mysterious spectre.
He pointed to the graveyard
over on yonder hill.
And I paused in cosmic reflection.
Confused and wondering,
of how I came to die?
Hmm.. I was confused.
For if I was dead: How and why did I die?
But I composed myself.
And decided I should face it.

But I stood paralized
on the supposed golden path.
And I was confronted
by a powerful demon force.
And he said he was the devil,
and when he spoke his words flowed like glowing lava from the mouth of a volcano.

And I said: Help me, lord!
I found myself in some kind of hell!
But I did not believe in a "heaven and hell; world in opposites" kind of reality
And I gained control of myself.
And I decided to press on.

And as I walked along
the supposed golden path
I was trembling with fear.
All the lions and wizards yet to come.
I seen in the distance silver mountains rising high in the clouds, and a
voice from above did whisper some shining answer from the moon.

Please forgive me! I never meant to hurt you.

(You are forgiven)

Copyright © 2003-2005 John Elliot