(2003 to 2005)


Fri Jul 9 20:26:00 UTC+1000 2004


I remember my dream again.

This one was really weird..

There was this massive dude, he was an islander, maybe a kiwi. His name was Baltimore.

He was about 7 foot, and he was bigger than Arnie.

His muscles were so defined they looked square. He looked like a robot. His muscles looked like rocks.

There was heaps of dudes around. Like a footy team. I was meeting heaps of dudes. Me and Baltimore clicked.

He remembered me from childhood.

I'd left a comment on his web site, and he'd left a comment on mine.

He said he knew me from when I lived in Liverpool.

(but I've never lived in Liverpool)

I said I used to live in Concord, Burwood, and Enfield. I used to live on Liverpool Road..

He said yeah.

His web site was (that's just weird)

We played mercy.

The handshake mercy.

He was way stronger than me, but I woke up before we finished playing.

No one won.

I think we were friends.


There was a picture of my class mates from school. It was on a billboard. I wasn't in the picture. That pissed me off. Everyone's web site was written in a little box corresponding to their face, but mine wasn't there. I was pissed off that I wasn't in the picture, but I was glad my web site wasn't on the billboard.


Other stuff happened.

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