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Sun Jul 4 20:03:00 UTC+1000 2004


Man.. I'm all fooded and drunked out. What a weekend.

Bec's bday was a blast. I only spewed once. I lost the love of my life Julie somewhere on the dance floor. I went to the DUCKS NUTS, and they played a cover of Tribute in The Worst Pub In The World. :)

It was mad to hang out with the family, and to hit the town with my brother.

I wish I knew the Tahitian Temptress! ;)

I got some new CDs today, from the Ministry of Sound.

Chillout Sessions 5, has some kick arse tracks (as usual). Haven't had a good listen yet, but it was on in the car on the way back from Newcastle (but, um, I fell asleep.. :)

I got Hard NRG, The Album; Volume 5 too. It's killer as one would expect. I'm listening to CD2 Track 10 atm:

S.H.O.K.K. - My Madness Says What I Must Do Relieve The Pain With Eating You.



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